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Keynote and Invited speakers

Keynote speakers

Controlling THz radiation with graphene

Prof Sir John Pendry, Imperial College

Baoyan DuanOn innovation, simulation, mode experiments and engineering of the five hundred meters Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST)

Prof Baoyan Duan, Xidian University

Dr Nick Easton
Future challenges in antennas and propagation for defence and security

Dr Nick Easton, BAE Systems, Applied Intelligence Laboratories

Invited speakers

Trevor Bird
Recent advances in the comprehension of mutual coupling in antenna arrays

Prof Trevor Bird, SIRO (retired)

Wei Hong
Multibeam array antennas for 5G massive MIMO Systems

Dr Wei Hong, Southeast University, Nanjing

Ozlem Kilic
Large scale electromagnetics: Overview and future direction

Prof Ozlem Kilic, Catholic University of America

Tian Loh
Metrology for 5G and emerging wireless technologies

Prof Tian Hong Loh, NPL

Cyril Luxey
Mm-wave antenna-system designs dedicated to high-data rate communications

Prof Cyril Luxey, University of Nice

Felix Miranda
Advanced communications technologies in support of NASA mission

Dr Felix Miranda, NASA

Mahta Moghadda
Medical thermal therapy and monitoring using advanced inverse scattering techniques

Prof Mahta Moghaddam, University of Southern California

Steve Nichols
Optimising RF instrumentation for challenging measurements

Steve Nichols, NSI-MI Technologies

Matthias Pätzold
Non-stationary mobile radio channels: Modelling, analysis, and applications

Prof Matthias Pätzold, University of Agder

RF-DC conversion efficiency of a rectenna - rectifying antenna

Prof Naoki Shinohara, University of Kyoto

Reiner Thoma
Cooperative passive coherent location - a vertical radar service in 5G?

Prof Reiner Thomä, Ilmenau University of Technology

Francesca VipianaEfficient and accurate analysis of real-life multi-scale antenna problems via integral equations

Dr Francesca Vipiana, Politecnico di Torino, Italy


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