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IRACON Workshop on Propagation and Channel Modelling Challenges for 5G and beyond inclusive radio communications

The organisers

Sana Salous Durham University UK, and Katsuyuki Haneda Aalto University Finland



IRACON is one of the largest COST actions and covers a wide range of topics with three main working groups and five sub-working groups. The radio channels, tests on the air and IoT are amongst the main topics of the action. For example the radio channels Working Group aims to develop more accurate radio channel models for inclusive deployment scenarios (including but not limited to heterogeneous cells, body area networks and vehicular communications), using carrier frequencies above UHF up to Terahertz as well to co-develop antenna systems that can cope with the inclusive aspects of the targeted deployments.

This workshop aims to give an overview of the latest research results in the COST action and contributions to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) followed by a panel discussion towards future channel models and testing methodology.



Presentations from leading academics and industry presenters followed by panel discussion chaired by Sana Salous.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

Propagation Modelling: what to do next? (Trend toward deterministic modelling. What to model for THz and Visible Light communications? How can Artificial Intelligence help.)

Impact of radio channel properties on the achievable positioning accuracy and the influence of system design parameters.

Spectrum sharing and coexistence in 5G mm-wave frequencies: the role of channel and multi-antenna technologies

Overview of recent channel modelling activities and future needs in the COST IRACON Action

ITU models and measurements: building entry loss and clutter loss .

Massive MIMO propagation measurements

3GPP channel model developments for 5G NR requirements and testing



Vittorio Degli-Esposti: Associate Professor at University of Bologna; EUCAP: Vice chair 2010 & 2011, Short-Course and Workshops Chair 2015. 

Maziar Nekovee: Head of Department of Engineering at Sussex University. 2013-2017 5G Group Leader at Samsung UK. Coordinated H2020 mmMAGIC project. Holds 13 industry patents.

Klaus Witrisal: Associate Professor at Graz University of Technology, Austria. 

Katsuyuki Haneda: associate professor at Aalto University, Finland. Co-chair of IRACON working group 1 “Radio Channels”.

Jonas Medbo: Ericsson Research labs.

Richard Rudd: radio communications consultant and chair of ITU correspondence Group on BEL.

Mark Beach: Professor of Communications Bristol University

Moray Rumney: Keysight Technologies

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Important Deadlines
12 February 2018
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